Hello, and thanks for coming to the site. LeanBeer.Org is a free community site and we'll see where it goes. My name is Fred Mastropasqua and I'm probably not the first person to come up with this alternate version of the Lean Coffee but I guess the first one to put it down officially somewhere. I also want to thank David Enns who sold me the domain so I could put this site up.

In the Tampa bay area we have a lot of early-morning Lean Coffee's and I never could make them. I'm not a morning person. Drinks after work though, now you're talking.  So I kept saying I'd go if it was after work but at a bar it's not the same environment ideal for proper post-it notes and dot voting. 

So Lean Beer, or Lean Tavern as we originally called it, was born. A shout out to Stephanie Davis for suggesting the new name over the old. A method of running a Lean Coffee like meeting but at the bar. We've had from 3 to 25 people come to Lean Beer so far. The method we developed makes it easy to run anywhere you happen to be as long as you can hear each other.

I'm a member of the Tampa Bay Agile Meetup group, Co-Founder of Cleary Agile, Inc and love to get involved in the agile community. It would be great if this site would expand with other locations and if the community wants it, we can have blogs for each location on this site. 

Thanks for visiting! Time to drink and learn!